Bad Breath? Tongue Cleaning Can Help

Increased scientific evidence indicates that over four-fifths of bad breath originate from poor oral hygiene. As explained by Dr. Mark Caceres of Marietta dental family, the foul odor is a direct result of bacteria acting on residual food particles on your tongue. Here’s how to take care of it.

Tools and Techniques

There are special tools like tongue scrapers that help in getting the job done quick, but your regular toothbrush bristles will also do. In a firm but gentle force, start by cleaning the far end of the tongue working your way to the front. Each repeated action should be preceded by rinsing off the tool or brush to avoid re-depositing the bacteria on your tongue.

Habitual practice

Just as you regularly brush and floss, you are advised to do the same for your tongue. A pink tongue is an indicator of a job well executed. If you have any questions about your tongue’s health or oral health in general, our Marietta, GA dentist practice is here for you!