Curbing Cavities: How They Work and How to Stop Them

Dr. Mark Caceres would like you to know that virtually all American adults will develop at least one cavity in their lifetime. Given the fact that cavities affect almost everyone and will require fillings to restore your tooth, it’s definitely worthwhile to know how to prevent them.

How do cavities form?

Cavities form as a result of acids eating away a small hole in your teeth. Acid is present in your mouth after bacteria break down all the foods you eat, and builds up where some of those food particles get stuck in your teeth. Those acids combine with other materials to form plaque, a sticky substance which turns hard and continues to work against your teeth.

Preventing cavities

Plaque is one of the major bad agents in your mouth, so it makes sense to remove it to the greatest extent possible. Your Marietta, GA dental family recommends that you brush after each meal to prevent the formation of harmful plaque, so it can’t get started at eating through your teeth. By rinsing your mouth and flossing, you can do an even better job. You should also make a point of visiting your Caceres dental team every six months so that any unwanted oral developments can be halted right away.