Drinking Water and a Healthy Mouth

It’s well-known that water is good for your health, but did you know that water can be good for your teeth, too? It may surprise you to realize there is a connection between drinking water and a healthy mouth. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to protect your oral health.

Fluoridated Water and Your Teeth

Making sure your water is fluoridated is a good way to help improve your dental health and keep your teeth clean, beautiful and strong. Fluoride is a good way to help prevent cavities by strengthening your teeth and combating decay, which keeps you from having bigger problems later on. Some studies have shown that people in communities with fluoride in their water experience far fewer cavities than those in communities without it. 

Water and a Healthy Mouth

Simply drinking water can help keep your mouth clean. It doesn’t pose a risk for damaging your teeth like acidic drinks or sugary drinks which can leave a residue on the teeth. Water rinses away what’s left on your teeth and the fluoride helps strengthen your teeth. The simple act of drinking water can help fight tooth decay by removing bacteria and food particles. It can also help fight “dry mouth” which occurs when the saliva doesn’t function properly. The role of saliva is to keep the teeth clean and rid the mouth of debris. When it doesn’t work right, tooth decay can occur. Drinking water helps the saliva do its job and prevent dry mouth. So you can see how water and a healthy mouth are connected. The simple act of drinking water is just as good for your mouth as it is for your overall health.

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