Making Sure to Clean Between Your Teeth

Interdental Cleaning, Most Commonly Known as Flossing

Cleaning in between your teeth is an integral part of maintaining a healthy smile. Your Marietta dental family recommends daily interdental cleaning or flossing to reduce the buildup of bacteria that can cause tooth decay in hard to reach sites. Despite the documented advantages of interdental cleaning, a third of Americans have not taken up the practice.

Dr. Mark Caceres is of the view that educating patients of the consequences of failure to clean in between the teeth coupled with benefits of cleaning in between the teeth could up the numbers of Americans engaged in interdental cleaning.

Brushing Is Not Sufficient

Even the best brushing techniques while using fluoridated toothpaste can only go as far as brushing off the plaque on the teeth surface. The tiny spots such as in between the teeth and the gum lines remain hard to reach areas for conventional toothbrushes.

According to your Marietta, GA dentist, ignoring these areas is detrimental to your oral health since they are the focal points of tooth decays and periodontal diseases. Dr. Caceres and the rest of your Marietta, GA dental team suggest interdental cleaners such as dental floss, wood and plastic picks, interdental brushes among many other cleaners as suits your preferences, and are always available for guidance and suggestions during your appointment.