Healthy Smile, Healthy Body

The key to having a healthy body may literally start with a healthy smile.

Research has shown that this sentiment, though often stated figuratively, accurately depicts the relationship between one’s own dental health and the proper function of the body’s seemingly unrelated endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

The importance of this relationship cannot be overstated when considering how few adults with their original teeth can honestly claim to be entirely cavity free. In truth, the simple act of brushing one’s own teeth belies the inherent complexity of your mouth’s microbiome.

Despite the casual mundanity of everyday dental hygiene, we are literally working to manage an incredibly sophisticated ecosystem of aerobic and anaerobic microbes that must maintain a careful balance in order coexist with us as their human hosts. Our preventative measures work to forestall any subtle imbalances that could otherwise escalate into a catastrophic collapse of our mouth’s ecosystem.

This means that while other cosmetic improvements such as a nice haircut might help your social life, a healthy smile can also help you live a better, longer life.