Key Factors that Diet and Nutrition Play on Oral Health

Certain foods can tip the scales in a positive or negative way when it comes to your oral health. We are all fairly well-versed about the impact that food plays on our physical health, but many of us neglect consideration for our dental health when we choose our diet. Do you consider your teeth and your gums when grocery shopping?

Having a good brushing routine after eating is the first line of defense against tooth decay. Commonly seen as cavities, tooth decay is caused by bacteria in plaque. When left on our teeth and gums, the sugars in food produce acids that are not friendly. They tear down the outer tissue enamel on teeth, making it easy for cavities to form. A proper diet and brushing routine is fundamental for maintaining excellent oral health.

Most foods that we eat have at least a trace of sugar. We generally blame candy and other sugary sweets, but in actuality, there are a log of things that we eat that can attack our tooth enamel. Some otherwise healthy items have sugar, so they should be consumed in moderation, like milk and fruit.

Read product labels and choose wise diet choices. Ultimately, the key is to brush after every meal and every snack. Your teeth and gums will thank you with a beautiful smile.