Pregnancy and Oral Health

Becoming pregnant is one of the greatest gifts we can experience, but it does tend to wreak havoc on our hormones. Both estrogen and progesterone rapidly increase quite instantly after conception. Unfortunately, the increase in progesterone can lead to some dental woes that need to be promptly addressed. Dr. Caceres and his staff have the skills, tools, and resources to help you with any symptom management you need related to your dental care during pregnancy.

Within the second and eighth months of pregnancy, many women are faced with a bout of gingivitis. The heavy increase in progesterone levels is primarily responsible for the majority of these diagnoses. At Mark Caceres Dentistry, Dr. Caceres and his team can help resolve any discomfort that you may be facing due to gingivitis symptoms brought on by pregnancy.

An increase in progesterone also has the potential to lead to something called Pyogenic Granuloma. Pyogenic Granuloma in the oral region is when a swollen tumor-like lump forms on the gum line. Although this typically is benign and resolves at the end of the pregnancy, it may cause some tenderness or soreness. If you find yourself facing a prognosis of Pyogenic Granuloma, Mark Caceres Dentistry in Marietta, Georgia can provide you with the proper care to relieve any discomfort.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but dental complications due to the hormonal changes are not uncommon. Contacting our staff at Dr. Caceres’ practice will give you the opportunity to obtain quality care in a comfortable setting. We prioritize patient satisfaction, and will be sure to help your family in any way possible with your dental needs.