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Despite your best oral efforts to care for them, your teeth may become worn or weak. Acid erosion, decay, general wear, and trauma are some of the most common reasons  the structure of a tooth may lose its strength. When this happens, it’s essential to restore the missing structure of the tooth as soon as possible. This ensures you have full chewing strength and an attractive smile.

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown replaces the decayed portion of a tooth, while a bridge acts as support for an artificial tooth when the natural tooth can’t be saved. People lose teeth for a variety of reasons, including accident and trauma, gum disease, and extensive dental decay. Dental crowns and bridges are forms of restorative dentistry. This is a branch of dentistry, which seeks to return full function to your mouth, whether by repairing an original tooth or replacing it. Additional benefits of crowns and bridges include:

  • Preventing your face from sagging
  • Allowing your teeth to maintain proper alignment
  • Ensuring that your jaw joints remain healthy

The Process of Receiving a Dental Crown or Bridge

When you are missing some of the structure of your tooth, Dr. Caceres covers the whole tooth with a crown to preserve it. He shapes the tooth first to ensure the crown fits snugly. Most patients who receive a dental crown have had root canal therapy (rct) or require treatment for a large filling or deeply-set tooth decay. We take our time to ensure that your new dental crown matches the color and shape of your existing teeth as closely as possible.

We know that maintaining an attractive smile is an important aspect of restorative dentistry as is returning full function to your mouth. A dental bridge contains at least two crowns that Dr. Caceres affixes to an artificial tooth. This is a popular replacement option for people who are missing one tooth, or two or more adjacent teeth located on the same arch.

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