Dental Fillings

White Dental Fillings for Adults and Children

When a filling is necessary due to a small area of decay or to repair a minor defect in tooth enamel, dental composite materials may be used to create a natural-looking result. Available in numerous shades of white, the plastic filling material is applied using an adhesive technique that allows for minimal removal of healthy tooth structure.

For children, white fillings are often used in areas where the pits and grooves in the chewing surfaces of posterior (back) teeth are too deep for sealants alone.

Dr. Caceres and our dental team will make sure your child is completely comfortable throughout their visit, and of course, send your child home with a prize and plenty of praise for taking good care of their smile!

White fillings are the preferred approach in our practice over silver (dental amalgam) fillings.

For larger restorations or teeth that have lost a significant amount of enamel due to trauma or tooth decay, Dr. Caceres may recommend a dental crown, inlay or onlay restoration to restore function and strength to the tooth.

Early Diagnosis is the Key

Regular dental examinations with necessary digital xrays are the best approach to ensuring that tooth decay is detected early to allow for the most conservative treatment possible. We invite you to Contact our office to schedule your family’s dental cleanings and ask about our preventive dental services.

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