Root Canal Therapy – Funny how it doesn’t hurt ?

When a character on a TV show wants to express a distinct lack of interest in something he or she might say “I need that like I need a root canal.” Root Canal Therapy (RCT) has long been the butt of jokes.

With recent advancements in diagnosis and treatment, comedians may need to update their material.

The fact is that RCT in the past were considerably less comfortable than they are today.

RCT is an effective method of preserving an infected tooth, or one with a deep cavity. What more and more people are learning to their pleasant surprise is that RCT can actually be a comfortable experience.

At Mark Caceres’ Marietta dental practice, our Team performs RCT with minimal noise and discomfort. Sometimes, patients are so relaxed they actually fall asleep during treatment! At a minimum, expect to experience immediate relief from the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth, or one with a deep cavity.

Understanding RCT

The human tooth is composed of an outer and upper layer of material called enamel. Under that is dentin. At the center of the tooth is the pulp cavity, within which is located the root. You’ll likely never think about your teeth’s roots unless you begin to experience pain. Inflammation or infection can occur in response to trauma to the mouth or extensive tooth decay. A previously filled tooth, or one with a large cavity, is more likely to benefit from RCT. In these situations, the only way to save the tooth and stop the pain is to remove the pulp, disinfect the remaining space, then replace it with filling material.

After cleaning, removing, and replacing the diseased pulp, Dr. Caceres places a crown over the tooth to protect it from future infection and fracture.

Patients often share with us how they no longer experience pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold treated following RCT. The tooth is far less sensitive, which means a return to comfort and the ability to enjoy full use of the tooth.

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