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The mouth is the gateway to body health – beyond teeth, dentistry also supports the breathing and digestive processes by monitoring the function of the oral cavity, jaw joints and facial muscles.

During your complete examination, Dr. Caceres will review necessary digital xrays and talk with you about your medical and dental history to uncover oral issues that may be related to your overall health. Common issues are sleep habits such as teeth grinding (bruxism), clenching and snoring. This category of dental problems can contribute to lack of restful sleep, which is detrimental to long term health.

  • Teeth grinding and clenching can also damage teeth; tooth fractures and excessive wear on chewing surfaces are common issues for these patients, along with jaw pain and morning headaches.

Oral appliances can sometimes be used to prevent snoring and to serve as a protective barrier for teeth from bruxism habits.

After a complete assessment of your oral health, Dr. Caceres will work with our dental laboratory to design a custom removable appliance to meet your needs:

  • Snoreguard appliances are worn during sleep to help maintain an open airway and reduce or eliminate snoring. In some cases, Dr. Caceres may recommend that patients that suffer from snoring see a sleep specialist for an evaluation.
  • Dental Nightguards are hard plastic, fitted bite appliances that are worn over teeth to protect the tooth surfaces and jaw joints from trauma due to clenching and grinding. They are usually worn at night, but may be recommended for daily wear for increased protection.

If you or a loved one struggles with teeth grinding, clenching or snoring, seeking assistance from a health care professional is important.

Please Contact Us to learn more about these symptoms and let us help guide you to a solution.

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