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Pediatric dentistry is a specialty you should look for when searching for quality dentistry for your kids. Dr. Caceres specializes in children’s dentistry, backed by the education, training and expertise to put kids at ease when they visit the dentist. We aim to help your child feel safe, comfortable and happy, while at the same time delivering the best possible dental care for them. Without the right oral care, children can experience decay and disease that will lead to bigger issues down the road. Teaching kids good dental hygiene practices when they are young ensures they will carry good habits with them throughout the rest of their lives.

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When to Schedule the First Visit

You may be wondering at what age you should bring your child in to see the dentist. Usually, the first teeth erupt at around six months of age. Most baby (primary) teeth are lost by around age six or seven, and are then replaced by adult teeth. Although baby teeth are lost at an early age, it’s still critical to keep them healthy. That makes it possible for healthy adult teeth to replace them. It also allows for proper spacing of adult teeth when they do start to emerge (erupt).

Plan on bringing your child in to see us at the beginning of their first year. This will allow us to identify any issues that could indicate future cavity formation. This also puts your child at ease with us, helping them acclimate to regular visits to the dentist.

It’s recommended that parents bring their child in for twice yearly checkups for:

Oral Exam
as needed
Early assessment of improper bite
(this can stem from thumb sucking or pacifier use)

During every exam, we check for potential problems that could arise. If anything is found, an orthodontic recommendation will be made to address the problem early on. You nor we want any problem to worsen and cause more issues as your child grows into an adult.

Rest assured, Mark Caceres, DMD and his Team are committed to establishing the importance of dental hygiene at a young age to ensure good oral health habits for a lifetime. Whether your baby just had his first tooth erupt, or your seven year old lost her first tooth, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our caring Team Members today.

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