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Dental implants are an increasingly popular way to replace missing teeth and restore full function of the mouth. Whether you’re missing one, some, or all of your natural teeth, you may be a good candidate to receive dental implants at the dental office of Mark Caceres, DMD in Marietta, Georgia. A dental implant contains two parts. One is the post, which serves as your new permanent tooth root. The post is made from titanium, a biocompatible material, which is readily accepted by the body.  It serves to support the the dental restoration, which could be a denture, bridge, or crown.

The Many Advantages of Dental Implants

From a patient’s perspective, one of the most attractive things about dental implants is that they look and function just like natural teeth. Along with a visual inspection, Dr. Caceres takes impressions and X-rays of your teeth and jaw to ensure a successful dental implant procedure. First, he places the titanium posts first, then he allows time for them to fuse (osseointegrate) with surrounding natural tissue. While this may take up to a few  months, it is well worth the wait because your new replacement teeth are now as secure as your original teeth!

Unlike removable dentures, there is no need to buy special cleansing products or remove your teeth overnight to keep them clean. You care for them just as you would your natural teeth. Another benefit is that, as he would to place a dental bridge, Dr. Caceres does not have to remove enamel from other teeth to place dental implants.

Another important benefit of dental implants is that they restore your bite strength, and prevent facial muscles from sagging.

Dental implants can also support full or partial dentures. When you don’t have implants in place, these devices can slide around in your mouth and make it challenging for you to speak and eat as you normally would. Because they won’t slide out, you have greater confidence when you smile and speak.



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