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What is Sedation Dentistry?

For patients that are extremely apprehensive about having dental treatment, Dental Oral Conscious Sedation is an approach to having dental procedures performed with the assistance of sedation medication.

On the day of your dental appointment – During the treatment planning process, Dr. Caceres will have prescribed an oral medication for you to take just prior to arriving in our office. Accompanied by a friend or family member, you will be awake but in a mildly relaxed, comfortable state and able to talk and respond to direction throughout your dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry is also an option for patients with extensive treatment needs; we can schedule most or all of your dental treatment in a longer, single appointment and keep you comfortably at ease during your visit.

We also offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (“laughing gas”) for adults and children for a mildly relaxing, temporary effect during dental treatment.


Dr. Caceres has completed advanced training in oral sedation protocols through DOCS Education’s Oral Sedation Dentistry. Visit the DOCS patient information website:

Do you think you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry? We invite you to Contact Us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Caceres to learn more about this approach.


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