The Truth about Teething and a Running Nose

Normally, a baby’s first teeth appear between six to eight months of age. The bottom front teeth are usually the first, closely followed by the top front teeth. The first molar mostly appears as soon as the baby turns one. This is a long time of second-guessing the symptoms your baby might be experiencing.

According to Dr. Mark Caceres, many parents go for dental care practices seeking help with teething problems when the baby could be ill from something else entirely.  He states that teething problems include drooling, crankiness, mild temperatures, and chewing on things. Your Marietta, GA dental team is here to help you help your child through those symptoms.

Dr. Caceres recommends you check for other illnesses if you notice such symptoms diarrhea, a fever that exceeds 100ºF, vomiting, coughing, a running nose, and restlessness rather than chalking it up to teething. Those symptoms could be caused by common colds and the flu.

For your child’s first dental needs, be sure to visit us at Caceres Dentistry for care you can count on.