Why Might I Need a Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns cover and protect a tooth. A crown restores a damaged tooth, so it looks natural and has its original shape. Until recently, damaged teeth were extracted. Dental crowns cover a damaged tooth and prevent it from being pulled. Dr. Caceres places a crown over a tooth to improve its appearance, shape, or function, but it also protects the tooth from further damage. How do you know when you need a dental crown? Here are six times your Marietta dentist may recommend a crown.

Was the tooth damaged by an advanced cavity?

Sometimes, Dr. Caceres recommends a dental crown instead of using a filling. An advanced cavity weakens a tooth, and it is unable to support a filling making a dental crown a better option. They strengthen the tooth and prevent more damage and decay from occurring. Dr. Caceres can answer your questions about which is the best choice for you.

Has your tooth had a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure used to help remove decay. It involves drilling into the middle of a tooth to get to the decay. It is often necessary and effective, but it can weaken the structure of the tooth. When a tooth becomes weakened, it becomes more susceptible to cracking. Back teeth are more vulnerable since they provide chewing action. Crowns can provide protection and strength for a tooth after a root canal.

Is your tooth fractured or broken?

A tooth sometimes fractures as the result of an injury. It is possible for the tooth to fracture in more than one place. A dental crown helps hold the tooth together and provides the support needed. A filling may be adequate in some situations. The severity of the fracture determines the best treatment choice. Crowns do help protect the tooth from further damage.

Are your teeth discolored or misshapen?

Most people are embarrassed by severely stained or discolored teeth. Misshapen teeth can cause you to be more self-conscious than normal. Dental crowns correct both cosmetic issues. Crowns serve two purposes. Firstly, they improve the tooth’s appearance. Secondly, they strengthen the structure of the tooth.

Did the dentist recommend a bridge?

Dental bridges fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Crowns can anchor the dental bridge. The crowns fit over the teeth on either side of the gap: then, the bridge is attached to each of the crowns. Dental crowns strengthen the teeth and provide support for the bridge.

Do you grind your teeth?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism usually happens when you are asleep. You may notice that you do it when you get anxious too. Sometimes, there is no known reason for it to occur. When bruxism is severe, it can cause sore or painful jaws. It can also damage your teeth. When you grind your teeth, the tops begin to wear down. Dental crowns repair worn-down teeth. They restore the tooth’s original appearance. However, it is important to get treatment for teeth grinding before getting crowns or the crowns will become damaged too.

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